2 Minuta Dreka hails from Italy and are, for sure, the pimps of porn gore mafia. Being one of the cult bands in this genre (well, at least for me), the two porn movies (“Rectal Mafia” tape and “Let’s Start a Porn in the Name of Gore” cd) and a couple of gangbangs (splits), definitively helped to mark their position in the porn industry. Yeah, this is not just one of the thousand boring and clone bands into this kind of stuff; here you can listen to original porn gore grind with very interesting musical work and still raw and brutal at the same time. Here’s the cast our zine made with them…

1. Wow! For a band that has started in 1945, you guys sure look great! (eheheh) I bet it’s all duty of several pervert behaviour during all this years… Is it true that sperm is good for your face?
hahaha is sperm good for face? well this is something i use to suggest to girls, and i’m sure it works, look how beautiful you are and dont tell me you never had sperm on your face cause i dont believe it ^___^
We look young because of our testosterone got an inhuman activity considering our quantitiy of daily libido, thats our secret!!!

2. Being part of the mafia and all, I guess you can not talk much about yourselves… but, off the record, can you give a little introduction of you guys? (don’t worry, I’m sure that no mafia’s rival or even FBI is a Terror reader ehehe)

Well, in front of your kindness and your good looking i cant lie you, i’ll give you this introduction at our own life’s risk. I am a fat wanker really passionate about graphics, noise and mostly about japanese culture (anime, manga, j-pop, anime sountracks, movies, excc..). Our drummer is obsessed by 2 wheels vehicles, he loves to ride his Gilera for hours, thats why he can be so fast at the drums. Guitarist is a pussy lover who always tryes to fuck at parties getting drunk and showing his latinlover attitude. Our Bassist… well its better to dont say nothing about him…

3. You’re complete porn gore sickos and confessed adepts of porn. This kind of sound and thematic is loved by ones and hated by others. The more radicals look at porn gore grind lyrics and concept like a total lack of respect for women’s and an insult to old grindcore. Well I’m a woman myself and really like this kind of sonority and for me all this concept is just one form of pervert expression like others (for example Marquis de Sade as done that in literature almost 300 years ago), and not to take advantage of womens and humiliate them. What’s your position in this matter? (not one of the kamasutra ihih)

Argh you stolen me that one, ok ok telling the truth i respect others opinion when they are not pretentious and they have a meaningful background, but censorship is never a good thing and we know what it means because in our country we can play in just really few number of places. About women well as i ever say we love women, infact we would like to make love with every woman on this planet (if there are some in other planets we’d like to fuck them also..). Sexuality is something that shouldnt have nothing to do with morality and judgments. Its not a way of thinking, its just a way to feeling, can you tell to someone who likes to be a master in bdsm that he is evil because he beats the girl while she got fucked ?? i think no!!!
So boys and girls let our balls free from your supreficiality thank you!!

4. I think it’s usual in your gig’s some kind of pervert performances. This year in Obscene Extreme while you’re acting, a porn movie was passing in those big screens. Did you ever get in any trouble because of such performances?

oooooo yessss! I remember like it was yesterday that time when they switched the mike off after just 3 songs, i started the gig telling my favourite motto “VIVA LA FIGA” which it means something like “long live to the pussy” (its hard to translate it) and i was just telling that the song was talking about liking the pussy and then no voice anymore. By the way there are many episodes i can tell you, even at Obscne Extreme Festival we got some problems with that porn video but i insisted so long that they finally let me play it during our show. what the fuck. i told them “is it obscene extreme festival or what?”

5. You have been recently in a European tour but Portugal and Spain weren’t part of the list…. Any plans in cumming to this side of Europe?

I am really sorry about didnt visit Portugal or Spain but you see our tour was touching the central europe to visit a quite big number of countries. We played in France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Slovakia and Austria, so as you can imagine the line trip, Spain and Portugal were more than unconvienient. We also got an offer to play at the Grind Festival coming early next year with General Surgery and Cripple Bastards as headliners, but unfortunately our drummer got serious job problems and we got to fucked up this opportunity. I’d wanted also to do a mini tour in Spain to promote our upcoming split 7″ with Mixomatosis but i dont really think it will be possible for the same reasons. We’ll see..

6. Since the 2 Minuta Dreka/Warsore split (if I’m not mistaken) that you have adopted hentai gore artwork as your own graphic concept and image. It seems a concept that feat well in bands such as yours. Are you guys maniacs of manga, hentai, etc as you are for porn? What have made you change your image concept since that split?

Since i am the graphic artist of the band i can congratulate to you for your eye skills, yes after our noisecore career i decided to follow a costant graphic line which is not a rule (the proof of it will be the cover of mixo/2md. you’ll see..hhah) but a sort of identity of the band itself. This can be good because people can recognize 2 minuta dreka just watching at the cover or can consider the band a bunch of crazy maniac fucks which is the best interpretation in my opinion. As i confessed you before im really attracted by japanese world and i love hentai pornography but i really hate the use that some gore bands do about hentai. It seems they just find a good pic and put it as artwork, i really spend a big amount of time chosing an image, considering what is the more gruesome, obscene, the less banal, and the more appropriate to that particular record. i spend a lot of time on it.

7. Still in this hentai gore shit, you’re new shirts are awesome!!!! I must have one of those!!!

yeah thank you i love shits, the one with the chick on the skeletor bike rocks! we got a new one out on Rotten Roll Records, with the cover of “Let’s Start a Porn..” on it. We never have small ones we and our fans are mostly fat and ugly so ask to the label i’m sure he got s or m sizes.

8. Besides all the stuff already mentioned that makes me like your sound, for sure the principal is the fun that you put in to it. It’s all about that right?

Yeah what we want from the crowd is to dance dance like theres no shitty tomorrow, just enjoy this sexy moment and fuck the rest.

9. In your myspace a saw a warning to other bands (such as Gut, Rompeprop, CBT, etc). Are you going to dethrone the porn gore grind gods? Can we expect a spermmy challenge?
Hahaha well someone told us we already did that. this challange born because  i’m also a wrestling fanatic, if you love it too you can just understand why all that shit

10. And what about cinema? We all know you’re into porn… (yeah, you can give some honour names to the perverts who’re reading this). Do you guys also into gore, splatter and horror movies? We also know you’re into Troma (ehehe Troma rules the earth!) Wich are your cult films? And what’s your opinion about Master Fulci?

Worldwide perverts take the booknotes and write these names: Moana Pozzi, Laura Panerai, Claudia Antonelli, Selen, Lea Di Leo, Eva Grimaldi, Ilona Staller, Shanya Knight, Jenna Haze, Aurora Snow, Christine Young, Cherry Poppins and so on, i can stay here hours but its better to move on. Oh yes and download some movies from the amateur porn label “Cento x Cento” ! Some of us are really into gore splatter movies, i personally seen tons of that kind of shit. I am a passionate of zombie movies, 1 of my life target is to see every movie ever made about zombies. I really love also japanese cinema loving some directors such as Shinya Tsukamoto, Takashi Miike, Ryu Murakami, Takeshi Kitano, Akira Kurosawa, and also that exteme asia serie which incudes the movies “All Night Long (1,2,3)”, “Female Market”, “Naked Blood”. I also love that Guinea Pig Saga even if the final chapters were really hilarious. Oh yeah and ALL the Godzilla movies !! i seen em all!!!
Talkin about Troma, i think troma is a really unique experience in worldwide indipendent cinema, i seen all the classics from Troma and wanted to see also some of other less famous movies from that label. Some of those really sucked but i really ever appriciated the strong bad taste. Bad taste is what i love in movies, Lucio Fulci gives us a real huge lesson in bad taste, watching his movies is like to play with dices, if youre lucky the movie is really great as a form of art, but some movie from him reallly really suck. My judgment on Fulci is positive by the way, finger up!
Cant exclude Chinese Kung Fu B Movies, Nazi Exploitation and one of the reasons why i’m proud to be italian, the police violent movies from the ’70s!!

11. Don’t know if you know, but here in Portugal and Galiza we’ve a girl crew, supporting the hooligrind!!! Myself and Vaginal Grinder (editor of Podre, the other zine into this split zine) are one of the founders and members….Grindcore Xuxu Comando Attack is our name and grindcore is our game ehehehe We’re born to support grindcore (and gore and so on) and taking maximum pleasure of gigs. What do you think about girls into underground scene? Their still few…

what do i think about girls in undergrund? well it think if i was playing emo hardcore i was fuckin 4000 times more than now ahahahahah. You are too few, come on!!
Apart of this i truly think that lots of girls in undergound scene take advantage of the lack of girl population to propose themself as a sort of scene divas, putting sexy pics on the myspace page and act like a friend of the bands exc exc just to show how they are cool and how people care about them, but please all of you dont take off your pics, i use them to jerk me off all the day long!! Other girls in the scene dont have a single original record at home and put tons of band logos on their myspace pages, just going to festivals to fuck band members. Nothing wrong with that but 1st dont tell you support the scene, and second suck my dick i’m a rock star!!!!

12. One thing I like to ask you…In the beginning grindcore got a big (anti) political vein. Are you into politics? What do you think about Berlusconi? Does he take it up the ass?
Yeah Berlusconi is a pain in the ass for anyone here even he is no more the president. He “”””works”””” to stick his dick up our ass since the end of the 70s, after all he did a good job… for himself. In the band we have quite different political veins, someone is more straight on politic someone is more nihilist. Regarding me i hope in a big meteor, just that.

13. Well, it’s been a pleasure talk to you guys. Thanks a lot for your words. I hope we’ve passed the cast! (eheh) Any last growls?

yeah i’d like to dedicate my last growl to you because i really enjoyed this interview, and i really hope to play in portugal soon or later. Sorry for taking so much to answer to your questions but you know i’m in a serious pimp activity and as everyone know , first the duty and then the pleasure!!!!
Jack off

So, stay pervert and see you somewhere in the mosh pit!!!!
[chainsaw maniac]


1.  It is such a time, since your album full of sweet gentle lullabies  Let s Start a Porn in the Name of Gore was issued. What response did you notice? Do you like as yourself to listen to this album? Are you working hard on another one?

“Let’s Start a Porn in the Name of Gore” got a huge positive response, we are proud of it! We sold out our copis since months and people keep asking for it, so please guys ask to Half Life Records! They recently told me that people never stopped to ask for it, and that sounds real good. A good confirmation of this success is our new t-shirt on Rotten Roll Records which reports the album cover on the front! The Half Life Records recently made me a great proposal: reprinting the album on 12″ LP !! I listened that album tons of times and yea for some ways i would like to get back in time and re-record it, also because it was our first studio recording for the 70% of us, i had a worst effect on voice than now, but in general i think its a great album, finger up! A new album is far to be released because we prefer to infest our discography with split eps, we really love them as you can imagine. Let’s say that our full length cd “Let’s Start a Porn..” contains all the songs we used to play at that period, for the next full length i think we will make songs with the intent to put them in a full release, i think you’ll can notice the different approach, and yeah by the way it will rocks!!!!

2. Above mentioned full length album you, as usually, completed by various intres. Will we experience the album which will be more „musical”, or is this a part of your style or image which you won t change?

Nah i think this will be a costant factor of us. I am personally a cinema lover and i consider putting samples from movies not only a way to introduce the atmosphere of the song but a tribute to all those bands who did this in the past, bands such as Meat Shits, Impetigo a so on. I just dont like bands who put samples just because they are gory or violent without thinking about it, i spend lot of time chosing the right samples, its another expression of my passion in this band so if you dont like it we dont give a shit about it.

3. The word PORN is characterized by above mentioned introes in your music, but also very nice erotic tunned coverings. What is your opinion to worldwide pornographic industry and which its „stars” do you like?  Do you knot any Czech one? Is there anybody, who had not been yet on your album and you want him/her, ha ha ha ?

haha yea i think czech girls really gave a huge contribution to porn industry, when i go to czech republic and slovakia my tongue use to touch my knees so many fuckin times, i dont know how you guys cant all be in jail for sexual harassment!!
Czech porn stars?? well how to not mention Silvia Saint!!!!!!! I think she is really a saint if i was the pope she was indeed santified by my will (and by my holy dick by the way!). Talking in general, i think porn industry is changed a lot in the last 10 years, movies are almost vanishing being replaced by short sketchs who anyone can be a “pornstar”, yea i love it also like that!!!! Its all free and easy to find!!!

4. As concernes your coverings, japanese pictures „hen-tai” expreses in your opinion the best the music of 2 MINUTA DREKA? There are JIG-AI in the Czech Republic, I think you underestand each other with coverings and music too. Have you heard about them?
Yeah i heard about Jig Ai but telling you the truth i find some differences between our artworks and their ones, i am talking as the graphic artist of 2 minuta dreka and you’ve got to know that i’m a passionate of pc graphic so maybe these considerations are something that i just notice by myself because im hardly into this stuff. By the way i dont want to put them in the big swamp which lots and lots of gore bands swims with their shitty non talent and fuckin banal covers, Jig Ai are not into this.

5. I was very surprised by the booklet of your album and also on your website, when I foun out, that you are the author of all the graphic. Are you interested in it on professional level

Yea sometimes i do artworks for other bands and labels, i really hope that this will be my job in future, so fingers crossed!!

6. Is the second part of your nickname „the führer of noise” correct? Do you sometimes like to listen to some noise bands?

Hah!! This is the best question ever made to me! Everyone considered this nickname just for the world “führer” ahahah!! Yeah you got to know that before 2005 2 Minuta Dreka was a noisecore band!! I am really into noisecore infact i play in 3 noisecore bands “Penis Enlargement” (www.myspace.com/penisenlargementnoisecore), “Footjob” (www.myspace.com/footjobnoisecore) and “Grinder Mafia” (www.myspace.com/grindermafia) and ive got a huge collection of nosiecore tapes and vinyls, so the secret is reveled: i am a noisecore freak!!!

7. You guitarrist Er Doktor  titled himself as „fartologist”. Is this title result of his university studies? On which university, I like these titles very much… ha ha ha

hahaah our bassist Err Doktor got this title by honoris causa for being the 1st worldwide human factory of farts!!

8. I have herd somwhere, that the most exciting smell for you is from cunt in the morning……does yopu behaviour change dutiny this enjoyment?
Well telling you the truth i prefer the smell of female feet in the morning but pussy is also appreciated! Answering to your question dont think i’m a sort of doctor Jekyll and mr hyde, i’m just a fuckin libido addicted 24h on 24!!!

9. Can you tell us something about another members of the band? What are they, if they play also in other bands or if 2 minutes of shit the only one thing in the life?
The bassist and the drummer play also in the powerviolence fastcore band named Repulsione, and sometime the bassist is a member of the noisecore project Penis Enlargement. The guitarist is too busy into hunting pussies to have another band!!!!

10. Does the name of your band correspond with the time you usually spend on the toilette?
I just tell you this, our bassist uses to phone to people while he is taking a shit to dont get bored….he spends a lot of time at the toilet..

11. Your  image is also very unique. You figure in the fur of some snímal and your very close-bodies undeclothes gives you a feeling of the dancer in the striptease bar?
Not some animal that fur is pussyfur!!!!!

12. Do you like animals only on the table or  as a fur? What is your opinion to environmentalists ?

I like animals when they are in my stomach, mostly i love pork meat. Environmentalists are people that just waste their time, but the time got to be wasted in someway , so i dont care about what they do or dont do , just let my balls free.. let’s go fishing!!

13.  Will we note any changes in your stage show?  Did not try to persuase some strip dancers to do sex on the stage during your performance. Your fans should have the true fucking porno grind core?

Yeah, that would be great indeed, chicks if you’re interested into it just dont be shy and contact us!

14. You performed very convincing performance on the grind festival Obscene Extréme.
What do you think about this festival? Do you remeber, how many bedra did you drink there?
Thanx for the nice words, i think Obscene Festival is the greatest underground festival in the world, where you can find a festival with about 50 bands in a row???? As its been said in my favourite movie Salò or the 120 days of Sodom, “All is good when its excessive!!”. I personally visit the festival since some years and i enjoy it every time. Also to meet good friends i cant see everyday.

15. You planned the European toun on August, I remember you were trying to find some place in the Czech Republic for performance ( I am sorry, I could not help you at that time). How about your tour? How do you evaluace it? How about some free dates? Did you find some organizers?
Organizing that tour it has been a real living hell, but at the end it was worth of it. We didnt find any dates in czech republic neither in poland which it caused me a real significative disappoint, because i ever known that these 2 countries were a sort of headquartiers of grindcore, and then nothing.. what the fuck! Many people promised me help and then when i needed it they vanished or just invented some excuses.. We spent 2 free days in Berlin (I really want to infinitely thank the guys from DIARRHOEA which showed us infinite kindness and friendship) and 1 in Brno, fortunately we just stayed in Czech Republic for the night only so my dick didnt explode. We touched a lot of country , starting in France, then Beglium, Holland, Germany, Slovakia, and Austria. We fucking enjoyed the tour, had a great exprience, met nice people, something i really want to do again in future.. but for now Brazil is our next target!!!!!

16. Let s return to the album „Lets Start a Porn In The Name Of Gore”: there are some covers there…. Which of them do you prefer?
My favourite one of that album is the Fear of God cover.

17. Apart from others you also play „I am a Pathologist” from HAEMORRHAGE. What meaning has this band for you and do you think i tis possible to find more important band in that sphere?
Telling you the truth the idea to coverize that song came out when we seen them at Obscene Extreme Fest in 2005, the singer made a great and funny introduction of the song so we decided to play it because we liked the song. If you ask me to find more important bands in that sphere the first it cames in my mind is ineed Carcass, i think Heamorrhage and Genral Surgery are the best copies of Carcass ever made hahah!

18. „Fetus Raped” is also very precious song, where you used the intro from the film „Transpotting”. I would like to know, what scene from this film is your favorite one?
Argh!! that song is called Fecal Raptus!! Fetus Raped i think ill never name a song with a such banal title!
Fecal Raptus is also a real true story, we invented that tilte because our drummer had a fecal raptus in a czech republic hotel in 2005 he was crapping in his pants!!!
My favourite scene in trainspotting is the one when Begbie launches the beer on his back without caring if someone was getting hurt by this action. I love the cynicism and the touch of misanthropy that scene transmits, i sometime find myself in that scene. Another candy just for 2 minuta dreka hard fans is that we re-played that song in the single ep called “Fecal Raptus” (split 7″ with Anal Massaker) and this time the song got a real effective intro taken from Scary Movie 2 when the exorcist takes a monumental and sonore shit.

19. Do you prefer the porno films, gore films or something like Transpotting or Pulp Fiction? Can you recommend something really perverse for all porn-fecal-grinders?

I love them all, i am real passionate about cinema, my favourite genres are Japanese underground movies like the first Shinya Tsukamoto’s movies and pulp japanese directors such as Takeshi Kitano and Takashi Miike. I also love extreme splatter & ultra sick japanese movies like Guinea Pig Saga, All Night Long Saga, Naked Blood, Female Market, Kichiku..
I really love how japanese people put some dedication in sickness. Talking about American movies i love the huge bad taste that an american movie can touch, like in all the Troma movies, like in August Underground. I love also the american classics made by italo-americans like Scorsese, Frod Coppola, De Palma, Tarantino, De Niro, Pacino.. and not italians like George Romero, Ridley Scott, Peter Jackson, David Cronemberg, John Carpenter, Sam Raimi, and so on..
If there’s something that makes me proud to be italian is not only the food and the beauty of Italy but the cinema from the past years! I really love the sexy demential comedies from the 70S and the violent police movies from the same period, like “La Banda del Gobbo”, “Il Cinico L’infame e il violento”, “Milano Odia: La polizia non può sparare”, something that unfortunately no one out of italy have the possibility to experience, exept with extreme willpower in finding translated versions of these movies. Italians are also masters of horror, how to dont mention Lucio Fulci, or Umberto Lenzi dad of the cannibal movies, Ruggero Deodato director of Ultimo Mondo Cannibale (Last Cannibal World) and Cannibal Holocaust! I have it for days, just move on for the next question..

20. There is a lot of parodie on your web sites – Third imperium and The Sekond World War…..is that also a part of your image?
No, telling the truth these things dont have nothing to do with 2 minuta dreka, they are just a part of our nonsense vein.

21. Apart from above mentioned album you also recorded few casettes and lot sof EP splits… which materiál do you appreciate the most and why?
I really enjoy most of the part of our entire discography exept a couple of tapes that we recorded in really bad conditions during the end 2004/start 2005 period, due to serious line up probelms. I love all our 7″s eps and i think they are the best records of us, so if you just listen to cds and dont buy 7″s you are loosing the best of us.

22. You are planning to edit some splits with MIXOMATOSIS, BOWEL STEW, VISCERA and some others. I remember, when I interviewed SKULLHOG (ex-BILLE), tahy also planned to edit lot sof things and they did not anything untill now.

I think the 1st reason of missing promisses regarding future records is the lack of serious attitude that some labels have, i see lots of people who starts a label and dont have an idea about what to do and how to respect their words putting lots of titles on their future plan releases and then they take years to maintains their promises in the best case. The worst case is they start to rip off people vanishing or delaying their plans to the infinite. I recently talked to the Half Life guys and they said me the split 7″ with Mixomatosis is on pressing right in these days, i really trust in these guys they are one of the best people around. The split with Viscera is so delayed because that fucking froggy ass discovered that making a picture 12″ is more expensive that what he imagined, so this will be out i hope in spring 2008 and it will be also a cd version of it (Nappy you’re a fucking bitch). For the split with Bowel Stew you got to wait long time because they have to record their 2nd full length album and we didnt even start to search a label for it because is so post fixed in time. In the first half of December we’re going into our usual studio to record the split 7″ with Epicrise, the split 7″ with Final Exit and the one with Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium, the only thing i can say you is that all of those titles will be out for sure, because i want it, and i wont stop to move my ass untill they wont be out.

23. Is there a contribution to „Tribute to DEAD INFECTION” in your plans? Do you knot already, which song will you play?

Yes we recorded and just sent our cover song of Dead Infection which is called “Peritonitis”, a great song!

24. So, tha last question: please, tell us, if the slogan „fuck all women all over the world” is your main one o rif you have some Berger, maybe more fitting….. ha ha ha ha

yeah we have 1 and definitve slogan which it means something like hail to the pussy,”VIVA LA FIGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


2 MINUTA DREKA from Italy is a case of a band that did things right from the start. They did demos and splits, played live, and worked hard and then got a fullength album deal on HALF-LIFE RECORDS. “Lets Start a Porn in the Name of Gore” is a fantastic fullength album and alongside the new releases by TUMOUR/AUTOPHAGIA/and OXIDISED RAZOR, really renewed my waning faith in the strength and future of the current goregrind scene. I just had to interview 2MD as they are indeed fellow sick fucks that I knew I would get along with just fine! Thanks for the interview and for anyone who does not have their new cd, get off you ass and get a copy!!

Where did you get the fucking cool artwork for the “hentai-gore” theme for the cover of “Lets Start a Porn in the Name of Gore”?
I often ride the internet looking for new cool graphic stuff and sometime i find some very interesting sites (you want some links? forget it!! haha) and take what i consider the best pics for our artworks. Its really hard to find the appropriate image on a comic book because you know a comic page its full of written words and written noises exc. Anyway sometime i can release some great shit with these hentai images, we love it and i consider it as a graphic line that will follow 2 minuta dreka in the next years for sure. Comic graphic its none just our style because we like it but its a sort of tribute to some great ’90 old school bands you can certainly recognize.

Please introduce your selves to the readers of SEPTI-GORE zine-
Well Erik, 2 Minuta Dreka is the shit. Yeah don’t search other words to call what we do. We basically trying to dont imitate the well known bands in our genre thats really important for us cause i see tons of gore bands that sounds the replica of Gut, Mortician, LDOH… well not proprietly the replica… more and more damn worst ahahah!! We prefer play a cover of that band instead to steal some structure, sound of riff. Last thing, what you should keep in mind when you listen to us is that 2 Minuta Dreka is a strongly mixture of our musical influences which are extremely various from each other, you can hear a bit of thrash metal, a bit of rock’n’roll, a bit of eurodance, and surely a lot of the old good early ’90 grindcore.

So what the hell does “Dreka” mean for the uninitiated?
So how many times have you played live and what cool bands have you shared the stage with?
Well we play live since 2002 so i really can’t figure how many gigs we played at. Cool bands that whe played with in early in the days are for example some italian goodies such as: Umigliazione, Grimness, Dysmorfic, Bastard Saints, Bowel Stew to move in these last years for upper grade with bands like: Squash Bowels, Neuropathia, Parricide, Mixomatosis, Brainwash…

You do a wide range of covers on the album but the one I find the most interesting is the FEAR OF GOD cover as I have always loved this band. Why the choice of a FOG cover?
Fear of God?! Fuck youre asking me why whe play a FOG cover ! We fuckin love FOG its been a strong inspiration for us when we started back in the days when we used to play noise grind. Anyway we STILL love FOG and we continue to keep ispiration from them though we now play a bit different style.

So what bands have you been listening to lately? Any recommendations?
I’m listening only eurodance right now, so i can suggest you some names such as DATURA, ALEXIA, CORONA, U.S.U.R.A. , GALA, LA BOUCHE, SCAT MAN JOHN, mostly of these are italians artists so you surely dont know ‘em, just try to download something from the internet!! I really love also Japanese Pop music known also as J-POP, some of the best names are: MINI MONI, AI OTSUKA, CHERRYZ, W, JUN TOGAWA and one of my really favourite these days is AURAL VAMPIRE which plays mostly dark wave pop. My bassist here says that he listens to the same stuff since years, old school grindcore, powerviolence, fastcore, goregrind that you cerainly well know. He mostly listens to old ’90 bands but anyway he can raccomendends you some new bands such as: REPULSIONE (ahahah! he plays in this band too!), MUTILATED PORK GUTS, STRAIGHT EDGE KEGGER, SICK TERROR.

What bands have you seen live that really have blown you away?
Ok we have now to split the answer:

JACK OFF: Bathtub Shitter, Needfull Things, Yacopsae, Alienation Mind (very last ’90), Umigliazione, Grimness, Cripple Bastards (back in the last ’90), Crude, Dying Fetus, Howtwister, Fear of God, Regurgitate, Heamorrhage, Disgorge (Mex), Dead Infection, Agathocles, Gut, Dead, Malignant Tumour, Pretty Little Flower, Cock and Ball Torture, Gorerotted, Leng t’che

ERR DOKTOR: Yacopsae, Fear of God, Needfull Things, Olho De Gato, Ratos De Porao (’98), Cyness, Skitsystem, Bathtub Shitter, Driller Killer, Umigliazione, Nervi, Los Vaticanos, Fucking Blood, Comrades, Grimness, Cripple Bastards (back in the last ’90), Regurgitate, Agathocles, Rotten Sound, Beyond Description, Exploited, Dysmorfic, Machetazo, Disgorge (Mex), Dead Infection, Bones Brigade, Sylvester Staline, Lahar, Lycatropy, Mass Genocide Process, Malignant Tumour, Disfear, Pretty Little Flower, Disturbance Project, F.U.B.A.R., Sayyadina, Squash Bowels, Neuropathia, Toxic Bonkers.

So is 2MD going to play any of the European festivals like Obscene Extreme of Fuck The Commerce?
Soon or later, who knows?

So do you have all your girlfriends trained to provide anal at any time and welcome getting pissed and shit on?

JACK OFF can’t have a girlfriend!! The only girlfriend of my life is my right hand, i love to fuck not to waste time with girls. About the other girlfriends of the band members? Sure they drink piss instead beer and eat shit instead eggs.

Any sick porn title recommendations?
All the CENTO X CENTO releases. Great italian pro-amateur label. And obviusely some great titles such as AMICHE DI CAZZO, MISS POMODORO NEL PAESE DELLE MERAVIGLIE, BANANE AL CIOCCOLATO, CHI E’? CHI E’ QUESTA TROIA?. I feel very sorry to can’t even translate you these tiltes cause they are really great jokes, that seems regular italian sentences with a bad hided sex meaning. Most reccomanded actors: Cicciolina, Moana Pozzi, Miss Pomodoro, Selen, Laura Panerai, Brigitta Bulgari, Rocco Siffredi you know, italians do it better!!

What future releases do you have planned?
These are our plans. As you can see we are really busy at the moment so i would take the possibility to say please don’t ask to split with as at least for sometime.
2 MINUTA DREKA / ANAL MASSAKER split 7″ Nihilus Records and Raw Noise Records (out in these days)
CARCASS GRINDER / 2 MINUTA DREKA split 7″ Rotting Abortion Records, Grind Block Records , Ear Raper Records, Bringer of Gore Records (this should be the label line up)
2 MINUTA DREKA / VISCERA split 12″ picture on Goat Grind Records
MIXOMATOSIS / 2 MINUTA DREKA split 7″ on Half Life Records and Septi-Gore Zine
FINAL EXIT / 2 MINUTA DREKA split 7″ on Blastcore Records (it will be out on Kick to the Head tapes instead of Blastcore Recs NDR)
Plus some compilations.

Any plans to come to the States?
Of course man! I was thinking about 2008/2009 but its only a wish we dont have strong contact for the U.S. yet.

Does 2 MINUTA DREKA advocate for necrophilia and necrobestiality?

Wouldn’t it be cool if the World Cup used a human head instead of a soccer ball?
HAHA fuck yes!! The head of Jason Biggs!! Would be hella great!!

Do you guys have 2MD t-shirts and where can the readers of SEPTI-GORE zine get your merchandise?
Sadly we sold out all the t-shirts, and we are lookin for someone interested into print the new ones, so move your ass and keep in contact!!!!

Website, e-mail, snail mail address?
Yes sir:
Classic website: http://www.2minutadreka.com you can find advanced discography , pics of our gigs and other delicious crap!!
Myspace website: http://www.myspace.com/2minutadreka updated almost everyday, so check this for next gigs and hot news!!
Sorry, no snail mail or e-mails cause we are on police control for some sex/drug/alchol abuse.

Last words of misogyny, porn, and general sickness:
Fuck women, gang bang, licking an infected vagina with a condom on your own tongue. Cheerz!!


Firstly, thanks for agreeing to do this interview!
You’re welcome kate, its impossible to dont answer to a cute girl like you sweety

Introduce yourself and give us a brief insight into 2 minuta dreka.
I’m jack off also known as the fuhrer of noise due to my bloody noisecore evil side which makes me do absurd and horrendous things, but yeah thats another story. alright 2 minuta dreka is a straight plan to fuck every women in this planet. We want to start with japan so if someone wants to pay us the ticket to japan we will appriciate this.

What do you play?
I play with chicks but they dont want to play with me because they feel inferior, this makes me sad but i become happy when a sweet girl like you send me an interview about 2 minutes of shit

What are your main influences?
Moana pozzi, ilona staller aka cicciolina, jessica rizzo, milly d’abbraccio, gloria guida selen, rocco siffredi, roberto malone, riccardo schicchi and yeh we have also some foreing influences like jenna haze, ron jeremy, john holmes, peter north, aurora snow, jessica del rio and few more.

What is your opinion of the girls in the underground scene?
Well here in italy unfortunately the grind scene is a almost a no girls scene, so i really like to go to live in another country. All the girls here are a sort of “my boyfriend was/is a metalhead so i listen to black/goth at least death” zero personality dolls.

Your artwork for the split with warsore is awesome! Tell us more about that.
I wish i was the drawer of that cover but i only discovered it on a cool site, about the inlay yeh thats a work by me. And yes, i look like so sexy and hot as the image in that inlay when you meet me live.

Tell us about any upcoming gigs/releases etc.
We have lots of planned stuff, but we’re also lazy so i dont know how many time you have to wait to see some of our coming splits like the one with Carcass Grinder or Viscera, or Mixomatosis, or Anal Massaker lots of cool bands uh? About gigs, well we have something huge in august 2007 but i cant say you anything at the moment, you’ll know some news at the beginning of the next year, till then, we’re open to show requests (ah right, we prefer not italian requests, cazzo in culo non fa figli ma fa male se lo pigli)

Contact information?
http://www.myspace.com/2minutadreka , our official site is http://www.2minutadreka.com but honestly is not updated so often as i wish, but fuck that go to http://www.defacialize.com and you’ll enjoy more than talk with us! hah! cicciolina rules!!!


We’re a selfmade criminal organization which traffics with baby organs connecting south east asia to europe. I’m the boss of this mafia and my name is JACK OFF a.k.a. The Fuhrer of Noise. The organization got 2 cardinals of the apocalypse called PERPETUAL DIVARICATOR and MR.DARKSIDE OF GHEDDAFI who play the guitar and the drums. We have a doctor specialized in amputations, biomutant genetics and incredible dirtyness called ERR.DOKTOR a.k.a. BABY WHORE RAPER. And yeh he plays also the bass


We started in 1945 when ERR DOKTOR stole the DR.MENGELE’s secret documents. Under my supervision in winter 2001 he tried to create the ultimate human being, with dicks as fingers and a driller as dick so various tentatives were made like WALLYACHE, ENKI GROAR and CISCO a.k.a. the Hellspawn. But these creatures died with the curse of the years so from the bodyparts of these freaks he created PERPETUAL DIVARICATOR and MR.DARKSIDE OF GHEDDAFI wich joined forces with us and start the porn in the name of gore


We play with our victims, little babies tied up screaming like slashed pigs. The porn gore law is hard baby, but someone someone has to ensure that it’s respected


we started because of your beautiful eyes Rebecca

WHAT HAVE YOU DONE/WHATS COMING UP? (gigs, releases, etc)

We robbed a spem bank and sold the semen to the following guys: ATRESIA, DECHE CHARGE, ANAL MAYONNAISE, UMIGLIAZIONE, MAGGOT FEAST, DOGFIGHT, VULGAR NAUSEA, PULMONARY FIBROSIS, and WARSORE. I dont really know how they used it. anyway its not my business. About the future: well we made a porn movie called “Rectal Mafia” and we are going to play another one called “Let’s start a porn in the name of gore”. You can buy it at your red light cinema near home or by Half Life Records. And yeah, ANAL MASSAKER and MIXOMATOSIS will be our partner in a gang bang soon or later

check http://www.myspace.com/2minutadreka and http://www.2minutadreka.com if you’d like to send your used panties for the JACK OFF’s used panties collection (girly panties only please!) Thank you for the interview Rebecca i’d like to lick your feet someday, you cant refuse a 100% italian stallion

!probably a fake zine!

Please give us a brief story of your band ?
HI PAS and hi to all the thai chicks who are reading this interview. We were born as a selfmade surgery group which made experiments on underage human beings , now we just use our victims not as a labrats but as a way of fun. And yeh… we also have a band called 2 minuta dreka.

What was the response of the people like?
The people jerk off under our stage when we play and write us about their sexual satisfaction when they listen to our crap. Some female fans often send us their used panties. If you’re a chick, contact us and we’ll tell you our address!!

What are your lyrics talking about?
We talk about how funny and exiting should be to tour in thailand and fuck every girls in this country.

Who or what’s band are your influences?

Do you have anything else comming out soon?

What can you tell us about the new album ?

How did you sign with subordinate prods ?

Do you play many live show?

How’s the scene in your area ?

Do you about scene in Thai ?


Please tell us your top 10 cd’s
1 Robbie Williams : Intensive Care
2 Green Day : American Idiot
3 Coldplay : X&Y
4 Black Eyed Peas : Monkey Business
5 Kanye West : Late Registration
6 Franz Ferdinand : You Could Have It So Much Better
7 Gorillaz : Demon Days
8 Kelly Clarkson : Breakaway
9 Jack Johnson : In Between Dreams
10 Depeche Mode : Playing the Angel

A last word for Thai metalheads


!fake rip off fanzine!

The concept is a mountain of crap sticked into your spic anus’mom. The important element of metal is that all the metalheads are a bunch of fucking cocksuckers diarrhea gurgling bitches

We love Magalli, Zingaretti and Jerry Scotti, they look so good with a baseball cap on their head

Which band?

Yes before the show we jerk off all together making a circle pit with a cute japanese little princess in the middle of the circle. Then we cover her with our hot white love.


Me, 2 assholes and 1 baluba

huahuaahu what the hell are you talking about? do you really like that fag crap?


Ether Parisi, Francesco Salvi and the Beatles

DEATH = gay
GRIND = nerd
BLACK = so gay
DOOM = so so gay
GIRLS = i love the smell of the pussy in the morning

I think you have a lot of time to waste

In Italy you can eat the best pizza in the world

The scene of others country and bands if you like

we dont have any kind of this shit, we write all on some little pieces of paper called “pizzini” that’s all what we need, we are closer with Romania


Im going to jerk me off on your sister’s ass pic if you will be so gentle to send me one.

1 for me and 3 for the other guys in the band

we sell fake porn cd-rs

tours of the world is when you make a lot of shows all around the world, it takes probably 1 year or less for 1 tour only

From peru? heh.. the only thing i listen from peru is some bitches searching for a job here as nanny or for cleaning my toilet

I heard that in south america is full of low cost whores, and lots of those are underage. The matter is that is also full of shemales. But i tell you man, i’d like to vist Mexico, i guess there’re a lot of funny, drunk and trashy people over there


Learn some english and eat less tacos, and dont ask these shitty questions the next time please

You suck